Bracing ourselves for the return of Nagash

With the recent announcement of the new Nagash release I was astounded at how convenient it was that myself and Tomas had been unknowingly amassing armies that were so relevant to the campaign, ie southern based Empire, Tomb Kings and the united legions of Archaon. Naturally I can’t wait to get stuck into these new narratives, from what I’ve read in the recent white dwarves they promise to add a whole new dimension to the lore of the Old World as we know it. On our blog we aim to document this, in both the lead up of gathering these armies and the epic battles that will follow, stay tuned for the inevitable coming of the endtimes…

Tomas Hubbard

I’m also 28, had many a dabble in my early teens in most Games Workshop formats, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Necromunda, Gorkamorka, 40k, Fantasy. As well D&D and various role playing games, I got back on the horse GW wise about 4 Years ago. I am a stickler for lore and the less written about Human fractions or cultures.
For example Cult of Ulric, Morr, Araby, Tilea and Estilia. have a dark elf and Dwarf projects also. I shriek in a band with Sam. Retail Manager by day, Record Collector by Night.


Sam Rice

Hi, I’m Sam, 28 years old, I live in West London. Former 40k player as a teen, also dabbled in Blood Bowl and Gorkamorka(remember that?!), now concentrate solely on fantasy after being shown the light by my good friend Tomas. Always been a mad Chaos fanatic even in the 40k days, and have carried that on into my fantasy projects. Big fan of sci-fi, horror, short stories in both literature and TV formats, and generally anything where imagination is applied! Getting married to my sweetheart of nine years this August. Guitarist of groove metal outfit Hang The Bastard along with my fellow blogger Tomas. Postman by day, pothead by night. Chelsea supporter. That’s about it!